Who We Are

Two Waters Arts Alliance (TWAA) is composed of artists and supporters of the arts, those who appreciate the value of the arts, those who believe the arts are central to a community’s well being, and those who believe the arts are an essential component of a well-rounded education. TWAA aims to maintain vibrant arts programs on the Key Peninsula and ensure arts education thrives in its schools.

Two Waters Arts Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It began in 2001 when Dennis Taylor found that working with art was an effective outlet for at-risk youth. Taylor asked local artist Margo Macdonald if she would consider starting a local arts organization since none existed on the Key Peninsula. Margo asked a friend and fellow artist Kathy Bauer to help. The two made plans, enlisted the aid of like-minded community members to serve on their board, and offered some classes. Two Waters Arts Alliance was born.

At TWAA’s core are its Artists in Schools and After School Arts programs, which operate in all four Key Peninsula schools: KP Middle School and Evergreen, Minter, and Vaughn elementary schools.

Artists In Schools (AIS) pays professional artists to work with interested teachers to augment particular curriculum studies. After School Art (ASA) pays artists to teach after school classes and workshops. These offerings are less formal than the AIS classes and do not require the involvement of a classroom teacher.

Public events in recent years have included programs such as Spring Fling, Beyond the Borders Music and Arts Festival, Performing Arts for Families (Tears of Joy Puppet Theatre, Andrew Evans’s The Art of Magic, Seussical The Musical), concerts (Bottom Line Duo), and art exhibitions, both juried and open.

Many of the programs are produced in collaboration with other Key Peninsula organizations, such as the KP Civic Center, The Longbranch Improvement Club, Communities in Schools, the Children’s Home Society, and the KP Writers Guild.