Spring Splash Arts & Crafts

The Vaughn Civic Center was a buzz of busy budding artist Saturday, May 3, 2014, ranging in ages from 3-90. Moms. Dads, Grandmas and Pas, folks with no kids at all of all ages and sizes.

Nine project tables, along with three Fine Art demonstrations, a crafts boutique, and several grab bag giveaways played host to many eager children, parents and friends of Two Waters.

Using mostly recycled items, 12 local artists lead the participants in an array of artistic endeavors, along with a little help from glue, scissors, paint, and paper, and a pasta machine, items were built from old domino sets, cut glass, fabrics, magazine pictures, tiles, old T-shirts and clay.

On hand to help with all this were the Peninsula artist, who gave of their time and their passion: Carlie Schulz, Kathy Barrett, Kathy Bauer, Sheri Osborne, Dee Johnson, Margo Macdonald, Jessica Smeall, Kathleen and Billy Gray, Tweed Meyer, and Laura (Mo) Mosley, along with the many volunteers and Boy Scout Troop 220, and last but not least, the Pierce County Arts Commission who helped fund this project.

As one parent posted on Facebook:

“Thank you very, very much, TWAA, for the incredible “Spring Splash Arts and Crafts” workshop last Saturday. My twins and older daughter and I had an absolutely wonderful time creating and admiring all types of art. Thank all the talented, friendly, helpful artists of our community who volunteered to make this day a life-long family memory! We are blessed to have TWAA as part of our community – for sure! Thank you again.”