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Portrait Painting Fundamentals in Acrylic

With Adria Hanson (professional portrait artist for 15 Years and member of Oil Painters Of America)

June 2nd – June 4th from 1:00-3:00 p.m.
This will be a three day class spending two hours each day in the studio. 3-5 students. $160 per person.


Basic acrylic paints:

  • Make sure you have…
    • reds- alizarine crimson, cadmium red, crimson blues -cobalt, ultramarine, prussian
    • white – titanium white
    • yellow – cadmium yellow, burnt sienna
    • green – hookers green
  • retarder
  • brushes: bring your favorites
  • mixing pallet (styrofoam plate or panel of glass with tape around edges.
  • water cup
  • photo of one person (two copies)
  • 11×14” canvas or gessoed panel
  • I will supply many brushes and paints as well.


In this class we will start by demonstration. I will show you techniques of sketching a portrait and setting up the composition. Then you will see how to transfer the sketch to canvas and begin with an underpainting. As a class you will learn how to mix colors (where science and beauty come together). We will all sketch our portrait on paper. The last part of day one we will draw the sketch on the canvas and begin an under-painting. Day two we will work with glazes in acrylic. Day three we will work independently but this class is designed to be small so I can have personalized instruction with your work.

Note: We will have homework on the first day so I can guide you on the second day toward your finished portrait on the third day.

Adria Hanson’s studio is located in Longbranch on 20 acres of land with a peekaboo view of the Puget Sound facing Olympia and Anderson Island.

The studio has ample natural light. There are no trees around house and three french doors. We will have personal easels for each student supplied to us by Two Waters Arts Alliance. Studio is separate with own class sink and bathroom.

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