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Key Center Art Walk July 29th

This promises to be a fun art-filled event in Key Center.

Please join us July 29th from 5-8pm, to enjoy a wide variety of art from local artists plus refreshments at each of our Art Walk locations in Key Center.

Find us at the Key Center Library, the Professional Center, the Fire Station, Close to Home Espresso, Sunnycrest Nursery, & Blend Wine Shop.

One of the venues is the Key Peninsula Library which will be hosting a two month exhibit. If you would like to participate in the July/ Aug. show at the Library:

  • Bring pieces to the Brones Room 5-6, Wed., July 1.
  • No fee, no commission on sales but will need info for label.
  • If someone is interested in your work, we will pass their info on to you.
  • Artwork will be selected for the allotted space.
  • No saw tooth hangers please and anything 3d must be able to stand on top of a bookshelf.

The Key Center Art Walk is only on July 29. The library show will stay up until the end of Aug.

Contact Us for more info.


Participating Artists To Date:

  • Reni Moriarity
  • Robin Peterson
  • Kathy Bauer
  • Sherry Pierce
  • Myrna Binion
  • Colleen Brown
  • Katy Macdonald
  • Margo Macdonald
  • Taylor Reed
  • Helen Dodge
  • Barbara Haugaurd
  • Britta Brones
  • Adria Hanson
  • Gail Kelly
  • Brynn Rydell
  • Barb Bourscheidt
  • Laura McClintock
  • Jacquie Hickey
  • Bev Pedersen
  • Pat Thompson
  • Cecilia Blomberg
  • Laurie Nichols
  • Julie Day
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