Fourth Annual Juried Art Exhibition

Lucky visitors to KP Library! This show is so impressive so it was very hard to select winners. I was happy to see variety in media and tried to let that show in my selection but foremost my selections are based on skill and the ability to engage me as a viewer.

  • First prize goes to Myrna Binion for The Pond, Evening Light. A beautifully rendered pastel where a composition of strong colors still conveys serenity. It invites the viewer to relax and just listen to dragon flies.
  • Second prize: Margo Macdonald for Pasture at Ho’okipa. It is so fresh and open and it makes me feel the wind and the smell of the sea. There’s movement in the clouds and I feel like I can just step in there and hike down to the beach.
  • Third prize: Patricia Rush for her photograph, Four in Flight (not sure I got the title right). The composition has a lot of movement but keeping it within the gray scale, almost as a pencil drawing, I find it quiet (even though we know how noisy those gulls are). The framing is really enhancing it.

As it was so hard to choose I had to also pick three (I restricted myself to three!)

Honorable mentions:

  • Chris Bronstad’s Gyr Falcon is beautifully drawn. You can feel the texture of the feathers.
  • Britta Brones’ Lily Study, a mono-print, is an elegant sketch of the essence of the flower.
  • Tom Morgan’s Inter-dimensional Portal #3 is a just plain fun, imaginatively transforming everyday objects.

It was an honor to judge this show. There are so many talented and skilled artists in this area and this exhibit is a wonderful example of what our local artists can do.

Thank you!
Cecilia Blomberg