Call for Submissions: Key Center Corral Mural

Key Center Corral mural site

Two Waters Arts Alliance is requesting proposals for a new mural at the Key Center Corral. TWAA is asking members who are painters and/or who have painted murals before in homes or businesses, on exterior walls or billboards, to submit a proposal for the mural. If you are not currently a member you can join here.

Theme: Dr. John Olsson, co-owner of the site, has requested a scenic landscape with a Pacific Northwest theme, a Western theme, or a scene depicting the history of the Key Peninsula.

Submission form: To submit a proposal for the mural please email Adria Hanson,, with “Mural Inquiry” in the subject field. You will receive a submission form, which will include an area to create a detailed sketch of your concept and who might be involved in the painting process.

Deadline: The deadline for submissions is January 1, 2018. We will be reviewing proposals through February 2018. Production of the mural will begin Spring 2018.

Download the submission guidelines here.

As a nonprofit organization, TWAA would like to see this mural be the beginning of many murals on the Key Peninsula!

We look forward to receiving your proposal.

Adria Hanson and the TWAA Programming Committee